Institutional Development and Organizational Management

We are conscious of the fact that to achieve impact, we must be a high impact sustainable organisation.
To achieve results and deliver high impact programmes, we must therefore attract and retain the best
quality staff, we must put in place policies, systems and structures that enable teams to work efficiently
and effectively, and we must attract the finances we need to sustain our programmes. This programme
therefore looks to build a strong organisation that exhibits leadership, decision making and structure,
people, work processes and systems, and culture. We endeavor to build trust, consistency and loyalty

with our team, we will go the extra mile with tenacity to deliver results. We value all our partners and
collaborators and continuously build new and strengthen existing partnerships.
Our commitment to measuring impact is central to increasing efficiency, and effectiveness of our
initiatives and interventions, meeting multiple accountability requirements and deepening shared
learning that would influence change in attitudes and behaviours that impacts governance and women’s
leadership. We invest in community and beneficiary led monitoring and evaluation, in documentation of
the impact our work as part of the wider women’s movement and civil society, documenting,
disseminating and utilizing evidence based information for decision making and programming.

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